Message From Chairperson

Kiran Chalise

We the people of Nepal must work together for the betterment of community and society. This is our urgent need. This is connected with our attempts to instigate the unnoticed, ignored and unseen issues of the society, community, people and places through our common initiatives. We cannot afford to wait for others to take initiatives. We must take the leadership role and effectively drive our vision for a dignified standard living of poor, marginalized and suppressed group. Sajha Prayas Nepal literally common initiative for development is established with the goals of instigating the issues of the people and places; facilitating the policy makers in bringing the programs for the benefits of people; and creating a critical mass to give pressure in implementing the programs on instigated issues. For doing so it applies the innovative approaches as research based, rights based, sustainable development, networking, facilitation and impartiality. We are soliciting and engaging all sections of the society and community to this end including Private Sector that has so far been denied appropriate space in the development initiatives and dialogues.

Dignified standard of living of poor, marginalized and suppressed groups including women, children and vulnerable section of people is the prime attention of our organization. The issues like human rights, women rights, children rights, health, education, poverty, energy, entrepreneurship, environment etc., are the prime issues of Nepal on which we solicit the common initiatives of all stakeholders nationally and internationally. We must all work together to tackle it. We should be a part of the solution of our problems. We must remain the true initiator to solve our own problems as we have always been in line with our social and cultural beliefs to maintain the harmony.

The vision of dignified standard of loving of poor, marginalized and suppressed groups is the vision of Nepal itself. So, let us convert our ideas into meaningful actions for the solutions of our problems. Let us create common platform for common initiatives by joining hands with us on common development agendas of Nepal.