About Us

SAJHA PRAYAS NEPAL-SPN literally common initiative Nepal, is a forum of professionals which attempts to instigate the unnoticed, ignored and unseen issues of the society, community, people, and places through its own initiatives by carrying out different activities for the betterment of the community and society. It is research based organization working in the field of Media, Human Rights, health, education, women/youth engagement, environment promotion/protection, for social cause and awareness. It is a forum of diverse field professionals/experts which tries to bring unnoticed, ignored and unseen issues into mainstream policy agenda through advocacy, research and media campaign. It was established in the year 2009 and is a non-governmental and non-profit making forum. Its activities will be focused on diverse issues of ignored and unnoticed people and places and bringing these issues in the forefront of the policy and decision makers to take consequential action and formulate policy and plan thereby uplifting the living standard of the people.

Vision: A dignified standard of living of poor, marginalized, and suppressed group. 

Mission: Lobby and advocacy for the benefits of people and places. 

Goals: Instigating the issues of the people and places; facilitating the policy makers in bringing the programs for the benefits of people and creating a critical mass to give pressure in implementing the programs on instigated issues is the three-pronged goal. 

I. To identify the issues of people and places 
II. To carry out studies on diverse issues of the people and places 
III. To build solidarity among like-minded people and organizations for raising the issues
IV. To advocate the issues in the forefront of policy and decision makers for its consequential action
V. To monitor the progress of the issues through regular lobby and advocacy

• Research-based development program
• Right-based 
• Sustainable 
• Networking 
• Facilitation 
• Impartiality

Working Areas:

  • Research: Conducting research on diverse issues, which are concealed from the eyes of policy makers, comprehensively in bringing the programs for the benefits of people.
  • Disclosure: Organizing training, interaction, consultation, workshop and conference to give pressure and make aware on the instigated issues for the benefits of people especially through  mediation, monitoring, facilitation for dialogue and to implement various aspects of humanitarian laws and principles.
  • Formation of network: Networking from grassroots to international level.
  • Pressure and demonstration: Organizing different advocacy programs (e.g. rally, demonstration, street drama, movement, documentary, docu drama) to give pressure for the implementation of the programs initiated for the people and places. Similarly, realizing the importance of the media in identifying the unseen and ignored issues, the media mobilization and advocacy is taken simultaneously.
  • Initiative for the social cause: Working for the contribution of people and places which are truly meant for social wellbeing.